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ExtremeCooling4Linux is a Gtk3 program to enable extreme cooling fan mode on Linux.

Extreme cooling is a special fan mode supported in Lenovo Legion laptops. This mode can increase the cooling performance of your laptop and reduces its temperature. However, this feature is only supported by Lenovo through its Windows program Lenovo Sense Nerve.

ExtremeCooling4Linux has been created to enable and support this special feature on Linux. Currently is only tested in Lenovo Legion Y520, but it should be work in other models like Lenovo Legion Y720. 

This program does not have warranty and only use at your own risk. Enable extreme cooling only in short periods of time as it can reduce the lifespan of your fans and do not use in laptops without extreme cooling support from Lenovo.

ExtremeCooling4Linux is published under GPLv3. You can download its source code from gitlab

Install instructions

ExtremeCooling4Linux uses the command dmidecode for bios and hardware detection of your computer. It is an optional dependency but it is advisable to install it if your distribution does not included it by default. Ubuntu users does not need install dmidecode as is installed by default.

Before running the AppImage, it is necessary to make it executable. You can make it executable using your file manager or from the command line with chmod u+x ExtremeCooling4Linux-x86_64.AppImage. ExtremeCooling4Linux needs root privileges, so you have to execute the AppImage with sudo ExtremeCooling4Linux-x86_64.AppImage


ExtremeCooling4Linux-v0.1.3-x86_64.AppImage 41 MB


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Another really unique and beneficial utility for the Linux community!

It's great that it's GTK3 compliant off the bat so theming is native.

Also my love for the minimal and portable Appimage format.

Thanks for your comment and support!!!